Solariums are 100% Legal for Personal Use

A common question we’re asked is about the legalities of Solariums in Australia. It is a common misconception that Solariums are outright banned. New laws were introduced at the end of 2014-15 that meant Commercial Solariums were no longer allowed to operate. These new laws that prohibit the operation of commercial solariums do not affect personal solariums.

What’s the difference between home and commercial beds

Typically an Australian home works on a standard ‘single phase’ 240V power socket. This would be the typical power socket you’re familiar with in any house in Australia. A commercial unit requires ‘three phase power’, which is normally only found in industrial areas, as it’s generally used for high-powered machinery. To use a commercial bed in your home, you would require 3 phase power, which can easily cost in excess of 5-10k for installation and can’t be connected in all areas. This is very expensive, considering you have a much easier option available – which is a home tanning bed. The fact you need 3-phase power connected to your home also excludes tenants/renters from having a commercial solarium in most cases.

The benefits of a home tanning bed

A home tanning bed is the best solution for most Australians. It plugs straight into a normal power point, and doesn’t require an electrician. It is much more affordable on your power bill than a commercial unit would be, as well as much more affordable to purchase. HTA sunbeds are all equipped with the latest energy saving technology so the average cost per session is less than $0.05c

How much does a solarium cost?

Check out our products page to see what we have on offer. We have the highest quality personal solariums in Australia at incredibly competitive pricing.