Collarium Classic Canopy

$2,199.00 $1,999.00

Unlike traditional solarium beds that consist of a joined canopy and bench, the classic collarium eliminates extra elements to create a streamlined, space-saving and comprehensive home solarium system.

Placed on wheels and featuring a swivel frame, move this portable collarium around the home with ease. The flexibility allows the canopy to be used laying down or simply Use it standing up, Whatever way you like! It is ideal for an apartment, townhouse or anyone without room to spare.

UV and red light in perfect combination.

The Collarium Canopy featuring Red-light  + tanning. This futuristic tanning lamp is at the forefront of technology in tanning and skin care.

The Latest Cosmedico lamps have the perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and a beautiful tan. Its red light spectrum increases the UV-compatibility and thus also the feel-good factor during the application. Its balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%.

Tanning with the additional benefits of collagen stimulation, leaving the skin clean, rejuvenated and blemish free. The optimized oxygenation of the skin supports the gentle tanning process in a natural way.

The convincing application results:

  • Significantly improved direct pigmentation
  • Smoother tanning process
  • Longer lasting beautiful tan
  • Increased UV compatibility
  • Protection of cells against free radicals
  • Activation of oxygen supply to the skin
  • Stimulation of the skin metabolism
  • Smooth and refreshing skin feel
  • High feel-good factor
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  • World best globes
  • Energy saving design
  • Under 2c per session
  • HTA digital Timer and program function
  • Adjustable Height positions
  • Silent operating mode
  • 360-degree rotating canopy
  • Aluminum sheet reflectors
  • Standard 240v power point
  • 98% Pre-assembled