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99 problems but a tan ain’t one.
You’ve only got 31 days left of sunshine & summer. Get rid of your summer blues & keep the feel good vibes coming, with one of our premium Solariums or Collariums 🔥

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Say goodbye to fine lines & wrinkles
and hello to:
Improved pigmentation & scarring
Improved blood flow & circulation providing relief for joint & muscle pain
Cell restoration & accelerated wound healing
Accelerated muscle repair
Collagen Production
Improved overall well-being
The list goes on!
The only one of its kind in Australia brought to you exclusively by @hometanningaustralia

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Happy Australia Day!

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Keeping you tan all year round 😉

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We can’t guarantee you’ll love Monday’s, but we can guarantee they’ll be better with a tan 💁🏼‍♀️
Life’s better with a Tan @hometanningaustralia

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Did you know that NASA use Light Therapy to help their astronauts maintain & deter muscle & bone mass depletion? Caused from floating around their spaceship in space with no gravity 😅
You can get the same Light treatment as a NASA Astronaut with our Red Light Range & you don’t even have to leave your house💁🏼‍♀️who’s the real winner...
If you didn’t already have a reason to buy a red light machine, now you do!
Get yourself a Red Rocket here:

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You like my tan? Gee thanks, just brought it @hometanningaustralia
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it

Get yourself one too!

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You’re never fully dressed without a smile... or a tan 💁🏼‍♀️we can help you there! Winners are grinners ...

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We let the tans do the talking💁🏼‍♀️
Our customer @tomefilip showing off his envious tan, thanks to his Solarium Classic Canopy from @hometanningaustralia
You can get a tan like this too

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Your life is only as good as the decisions you make.

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Tanned skin
Tanning Beds
Tan lines
Today’s a good day to get some T’s in your life, you can start here:
Tanned skin from a Tanning Bed, from HTA
Your on your own for the rest 😜

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Monday’s done right 💎
Our sunbeds keeping your mood in check, when exposed to UVA, your body releases feel good hormones💙 @charrdarling

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Couples who tan together..
Stay together!
Home tanning Australia- reuniting love.

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This is that hype type of confidence you get from having a tan and glowing skin.
Maybe she’a born with it,
Maybe it’s Home Tanning Australia 💁🏼‍♀️
New Year, New Tan, I woke up like this.
Get that glow and confidence for yourself now with our premium Solariums, Collariums & Red Light Machines.
Available here:

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The new kid on the block....
Ph.1300 150 722

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Add a little ray of sunshine to your home. Thanks to @_ash_life_ 🙌🏾 ...

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Post a picture of yourself with your HTA machine or Machine alone, in a post or story and tag us!
All entries will go in the draw to win 3 bottles of lotion! Winner can pick any 3 from our website!
Winner announced at midnight tonight! Each post is one entry, 1 story 1 entry, 1 post 1 entry!

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Spoil yourself this Christmas because you deserve it!

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